November 2023

Nov. 1—Alternative School

Nov. 4—Waking up with the Word

Nov. 4—Ladies Prayer Breakfast, 9 am, 141 Bluefield, Pleasanton

Nov. 5—Daylight Saving Time ends, set clocks BACK one hour the night before

Nov. 5—Small Groups, afternoon/evening

Nov. 5—Bible Bowl Review

Nov. 6—Women’s Jail Ministry

Nov. 6—Elders Meeting, 7 pm, fellowship hall

Nov. 8—Alternative School

Nov. 11—Waking up with the Word

Nov. 11—Bible Bowl, Weber Rd. church of Christ in Corpus

Nov. 12—Monthly Birthday Potluck

Nov. 13—Women’s Jail Ministry

Nov. 14—Nursing Home Ministry

Nov. 15—Alternative School

Nov. 18—Waking up with the Word

Nov. 19—Bible Bowl Reccognition

Nov. 20—Women’s Jail Ministry

Nov. 20—Elders Meeting

Nov. 22—No classes, meet in fellowship hall for singing and devo

Nov. 23-24—Office Closed

Nov. 25—Waking up with the Word

Nov. 25—Blessed Meal, 11 am—1 pm

Nov. 26—4th Sunday Night Fellowship, Baked Potatoes (bring favorite toppings & desserts)

Nov. 27—Women’s Jail Ministry

Nov. 28—Nursing Home Ministry

Nov. 29—Alternative School