Robert A. Miller

Pulpit Minister

Robert and his family came to Pleasanton in September of 2019 to begin their work with us. Robert is a United States Air Force Veteran and Hospice Chaplain. Robert received his Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University and completed his Masters Degree, M-Div, from Grand Canyon University. Robert has been married to his beautiful wife, Ann, for 9 years this year and they have 3 beautiful children together. Robert has a passion for preaching the Gospel and a zeal for getting out in the community and meeting the needs of those he comes in contact with. Missionary work is close to his heart and he has served as a missionary in Europe, Africa, Afghanistan, India, and Burma. He believes that we all have missionary work to do and whether it's in a far off country or in our very own backyard, the message of Christ is essential and needs to be taught and heard by all.