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Jack Obermiller’s heart is failing. He is home and under Hospice Care. Calls & texts to his daughter Lisa are fine and she will relay them to him. Visits are too taxing. Please remember Jack & the family in your prayers. The results from Frances Serrata’s recent Barium Dye test were inconclusive. She will have to undergo further tests. Merry Phillips fell and injured her back & knee. She believes the healing will take about 3 weeks (has not seen a doctor). Renee Jones spent several days in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. She is recovering at home now. Bob Neeley is scheduled for eye surgery (outpatient) tomorrow. Please pray all goes well. Sarah Henderson has had all the seizures necessary to pinpoint their exact location. They were to remove all the ‘electrodes’ today or tomorrow, Sometime in the near future she will undergo more surgery to hopefully fix the problem. Richard Martin, brother of Helen Henson, had successful quadruple heart bypass last week. Please pray for healing. Margaret Hanning, aunt of Dralena Kelley, had a stroke recently. Please pray for a full recovery. Please continue your prayers for those of whom we are unaware, our shut-ins, our missionaries & the military.



Clayton George - Pleasanton

James Hutton - Pleasanton/Florida

Julie Hutton - Pleasanton/Florida

Jocelyn Hutton - Pleasanton/Florida 






Dear lovely Pleasanton church of Christ,

     It is hard to express how grateful we are for the outpouring of love, well-wishes and sustenance. Daddy is very blessed to have such good Christian friends surround him at a time like this. Today is Tuesday and he is feeling pretty well, although very tired and wanting to sleeping a lot. I understand that there are many would like to wish him well and come visit but at this time there is so much love going through these walls, so many gifts, & so much food that right now all he wishes for and needs is rest. We know this is a hard time for a lot of you and we don't want to sound mean or ungrateful but we are just trying to do what is best for Daddy. If anyone would like to send a text message or would like to call and ask about him please use the enclosed phone number and we will be happy to relay the message to him. Thank you all and may God bless you the way he has blessed Daddy and our family.

           Lisa & Brenda  (Jack Obermiller’s daughters)

           Call the church office for the number 



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