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Robert Fuselier saw another doctor recently. They were told Robert has a crushed nerve (in his back). He will receive an epidural today. If that does not bring him relief, they will then schedule surgery to do a fusion. Please continue your prayers. Janay Cirio is at Methodist South. She has a spot on one lung and also a gallbladder full of stones. She has undergone several tests (some heart related) which came back fine. She had a bronchoscopy which showed there is a mass or blockage in that lung. A sample was taken and sent off to be biopsied. No gallbladder surgery until they get the lung issue resolved. Please keep her in your prayers. Judy Tullos, mother of Mark, had surgery (actually 2 & on the same day) to fuse her whole lumbar. She is still in pain but doing better and will be going home this week and receiving physical therapy for a period of time. Kaye Anders, sister of Carolyn Gillaspia, has developed a serious health issue which will require a long series of antibiotics. Please pray for a complete recovery. Dorothy Beare, sister of Becky Titsworth and Alice Lester, fell and broke her hip. Dorothy lives in a nursing home in Floresville and that is where she fell. Due to a number of factors the doctor chose not to perform surgery. She is in a stabilizer and will remain in it until the hip heals. Please pray for a quick healing and minimal pain. Please continue praying for Vernon Theis, any ill of whom we are unaware, our shut-ins, missionaries & the military.




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